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ANDREA POMELLI, with N.I.E. number (Identification Number for Foreigners in Spain) Y4132567X, owner of Natural Chef Mallorca, seeks to provide clear and concise information regarding the cookies used on our website.

A cookie is a file that gets downloaded to your computer when you visit certain websites. Cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about a user’s or their computer’s browsing habits. Based on the information they contain and how the computer is used, they can be utilized to recognize the user.

Natural Chef Mallorca employs the following cookies on its website:

Analysis Cookies: Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that enables Natural Chef Mallorca to evaluate user visits to the website. Natural Chef Mallorca can review various reports detailing how users interact with the website to make improvements. Google Analytics collects data anonymously, reporting on website trends without identifying individual users. This helps Natural Chef Mallorca create navigation profiles, operate more effectively, and enhance the website based on user data.

Users have the freedom to adjust their privacy settings regarding cookie installation in their browser at any time. These procedures are subject to updates and changes by browser developers, so we cannot guarantee that they will always align with the latest version.

Internet Explorer: Navigate to the “Tools > Internet Options” menu, select the “Privacy” tab, and click on the “Advanced” button. Check the “Override automatic cookie handling” box. Choose the “Accept,” “Block,” or “Prompt” option. We recommend enabling “Always allow session cookies” for optimal navigation on our website.

Firefox: Navigate to the “Tools > Options” menu, select the “Privacy” tab. Check or uncheck the “Tell websites I do not want to be tracked” box. You can also remove installed cookies by clicking on the “Remove individual cookies” option.

Chrome: Navigate to the “Tools > Settings” menu, select the “Privacy > Content settings” tab. If you do not want to allow installation, select the “Block third-party cookies and site data” option.

Safari: Navigate to the “Tools > Settings” menu, select the “Privacy” tab. In the “Block cookies” menu, select either the “Always” or “Never” option.

If you use a different browser, you can find more information on configuring cookie installation in the “Help” section of your browser. If you need assistance configuring cookies in your browser, please email us at [email protected], and we will provide the necessary information as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at +34 615 353 395.


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